Flossie was invented by Dr. David R. Crouch, who has practiced for over 27 years in Orange County, CA. He has been the team dentist to both the Los Angeles Rams professional football team and the Anaheim Mighty Ducks professional hockey team. He knew that there had to be an easy and more effective means to clean plaque off of teeth. Dr. Crouch closely researched the various devices available, noting their shortcomings and problems. Flossie was developed from that research and follows the research as a practical means of removing plaque that people can use anytime. Not only is Flossie easy to use, it is fun.

Flossie is so unique and different from all of the other plaque removing devices, that it was issued an United States patent number # 4,913,176.

As Dr. Crouch is fond of saying, "I didn't set out to reinvent the wheel, but I did reinvent flossing."

Flossie is a reusable, flexible, plastic plaque remover that is especially devised to fit into areas where dental floss cannot. Its unique design fits perfectly between teeth and around bridges and dental implants.

Flossie is anatomically and ergonomically correct. Flossie is easy to hold and its ergonomically design fits comfortably between your fingers for an excellent grip. Flossie's unique patented tip allows it to fit into the anatomical spaces on teeth. Flossie's unique design combination maximizes the removal of dental plaque.

The number one and two diseases on the planet are periodontal disease and dental decay. Periodontal disease damages or destroys the soft tissue and bone around teeth. Dental decay damages or destroys the teeth itself. Both of these diseases are caused by dental plaque. Dental plaque is a combination of bacteria and food mixed together.

Almost all of dental decay and periodontal disease occurs in and around the back teeth, the molars, and bicuspid teeth. This is due to the location and anatomy of these teeth, which makes them difficult to reach and clean. Also, these teeth are not round or flat; they have anatomical grooves in the roots, which allows plaque to build up around their edges. Dental floss and other plaque removers do not completely remove the plaque in these anatomical areas on the teeth.
The most recent medical/dental research has proven that keeping your teeth clean is a key factor in disease prevention and improved health. Dental bacteria has been recently proven to have a direct relationship to the cause of: Heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, Pneumonia, low birth weight, and lower bone density.

Flossie is so flexible; it can bend and fit into the tightest places. It is very easy to use and can remove plaque between teeth and around bridges. Flossie works above and below the gum line and into the depressed areas of the teeth, where floss and other devices are not as effective. The non-abrasive surface makes it ideal for dental implants.

Flossie's flexibility allows the gum tissue to gently push the anatomically designed cleaning tip against the tooth surface. This is why Flossie is more effective than other dental devices in removing plaque.

The more dental plaque that is removed, the cleaner the teeth and the healthier the tissues. The healthier the tissues and teeth, the healthier you are. Flossie "Keeps Your Teeth Healthfully Clean."

Keeping your teeth clean is a great way to look better and stay younger. You not only rejuvenate your smile with Flossie, you rejuvenate your life.

Easy to use, convenient, and inexpensive.
Helps prevent disease and makes you feel better.
Rejuvenates your smile and keeps you younger.
Helps prevent bad breath.
Reaches the back teeth; people will use it.
Gets in between teeth and under gums.
Removes plaque and bacteria.
Makes cleaning your teeth easier.
It works and is effective.

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