Flossie is a reusable, flexible, plastic plaque remover that fits into areas where dental floss cannot. Its ergonomic handle provides the correct amount of leverage and flexibility to clean back teeth and bridges. Flossie is anatomically designed to fit the supplemental groove (on the roots of teeth) and cleans those difficult to reach spots.

"Flossie reaches hard-to-access areas quicker and easier than dental floss and is easier to manipulate. No dental floss, toothpick, or other look-a-like comes close."
– N. F., Housewife

Dr. David R. Crouch, inventor of Flossie, has been practicing dentistry in Orange County, California for over 27 years. He has also been the former team dentist for the Los Angeles Rams and the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, with experience in dental matters from the mundane to the excruciating. He has always noted that, even among today's top athletes, the healthier the teeth and gums, the fewer the dental and health problems. Flossie was invented to help people keep their teeth and bodies healthy, whether they are top athletes or not.


Flossie is so flexible; it bends and fits into the tightest places. It is very easy to use and can easily remove plaque between teeth, implants, and around bridges. Flossie works above and below the gum line and into the depressed areas of the teeth, where floss or other devices are not as effective.

"I find it very awkward and frustrating to try to floss my teeth with dental floss. Flossie is a natural and easy way to clean between my teeth. Congratulations for coming up with a better way to perform this often neglected task. You've made it easier to clean my teeth and gums."
– R.R., Businessman

Since almost all dental decay and periodontal disease occurs in and around molars and bicuspids, Flossie was designed to easily reach back to these teeth and remove plaque and bacteria. Plaque easily builds up on the edges of teeth due to their shape. Flossie's extended flexibility allows it to fit in between and around bicuspids and molars, to keep them clean and healthy.

The most recent medical/dental research has proven that dental bacteria is directly related to an increased occurrence of other diseases. Heart disease, lung disease, Pneumonia, low birth weight, and lower bone density are now proven to be absolutely linked to dental bacteria. Flossie helps to remove plaque and dental bacteria. Flossie helps to prevent other diseases by keeping your teeth and gums "healthfully clean."

It is important to floss on a regular basis. Dentists encourage their patients to do so. We all know the benefits of flossing. Those same benefits are realized and improved with Flossie. Flossie works and is just as effective, if not more-so, than dental floss. The main difference is that Flossie is always convenient and easy to use.

"You have invented a great tool! As an ex-dental assistant, I floss religiously every evening. It is very convenient to use Flossie during the day, even when driving my car. It works!"
– L.M., Business Development Officer

Most importantly, people love to use Flossie.

"Thanks for Flossie. I find myself reaching for it after every meal and actually look forward to using it on a daily basis. Thank you again, but most of all, my teeth thank you."
– B.H. Construction Manager

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