Grip Flossie between thumb and forefinger.

Insert tip between your teeth. Please note: Do not force Flossie in between where the contact point is to tight. If it only fits on one tooth, it still works. Not all teeth will have enough space for Flossie to fit. It is not meant to be forced.

Rub Flossie on as much tooth surface as you can, both above and below the gum line.

Softly scrub Flossie beneath and around bridge areas. Its flexibility and stiffness will allow you to insert it beneath the bridge gum line to remove plaque.

Wipe clean and rinse (if possible) after using.

Replace Flossie in its sheath for later use.

Flossie should be replaced when worn or tattered.

Only your dentist and hygienist can remove the hard deposits (tarter-calculus) from teeth.

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